What’s Cloud-TA?

Cloud-TA is a Cloud-based Time & Attendance System. It requires no dedicated server and no software installation. Just connect our fingerprint & proximity card reader to your LAN or Wi-Fi network that can access Internet, clocking data will be transmitted to our secured servers in Microsoft Azure in real-time. Users can access to the web portal by using any kind of devices to view or make requests & approvals. Free mobile application for clocking in /out by using GPS and camera is included.
See how it works?

Many Easy Ways to Clock-In


Fingerprint / ID Card

Scan your fingerprint or proximity card to clock in or out within 0.5 sec.

Face Recognition / Temperature Screening

Scan and identify person even wearing a mask. High temperature alert.


Mobile App (GPS + Photo)

Use your smart phone to detect your  location and take selfie photo.


Bluetooth (BLE) Checkpoint

Detect Bluetooth Checkpoint device within 5-10 meters range to clock in/out.


Detect Wi-Fi Network

Detect if user is in range and joining a specific Wi-Fi Network.


Manual Time Entry

Manually input working start or end time and get an approval from your manager.


Face Recognition
Latest Microsoft® Face API Technology

Verify users when clocking in or out by detecting user’s face from smart phone and compare to their profile photos.

Face Recognition & QR-Code Scanner

Identify person by face recognition or scan dynamic QR-Code generated from Mobile Application

Work From Home Solution

Avoid COVID-19 by working from home and use Cloud-TA mobile application to clock in and out with GPS location and Face Recognition
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