Mobile App

Employees who are working outside the office or on business trip can use our free mobile application, Mobile-TA® to do clocking in/out, submit or approve requests, check team members status easily on their smartphone.

Calendar View

Easily check your clock in/out entry of each day in calendar view, including leave and vacation.

Clock in/out with GPS and selfie

Use your iPhone or Android phone to clock in/out with your current location from GPS and selfie photo then submit to the Cloud-TA server.

Verify user by Face Recognition

Compare selfie photo with profile photo to verify user when clocking with GPS or BLE by using latest Face Recognition technology from Microsoft in real-time.

Approve or reject requests

Team leader will be notified when new leave request or overtime request from team members are submitted. He can review then approve or reject the request in just one click.

Bluetooth (BLE) Check Point

Use specific Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device as a checkpoint for employee to clock in or out in signal ranger of 5-10 meters. The BLE device is very small, light and use battery power, so no wiring is required.


Download Mobile-TA


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