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iT24Hrs introduced Cloud-TA on Thai Television Channel 3

On Air on 2 May 2, 2013


Some on our clients

Bureau of Support Industrial Development, Department of Industrial Promotion


CP Retailink


Singha Estate




Panrapee Rapeepan
iT24Hrs Channel 3

"You don't have to worry about hardware or software. Just pay a very cheap subscription fee to eliminate your difficulty..."

Mr.Sumet Leekijwattana
Asst. General Manager, B&B Solimac Co., Ltd.

"Help me a lot in reducing paper work of request and approval workflow, including overtime and working on-site request..."

Mr.Kittichote Supakamned
Bureau of Support Industrail Development, Department of Industrial Promotion

"Totally eliminate our working time recording problem..."

Mr.Nontakorn Pinyathai
HR Asst. Manager, CP Retaillink Company Limited

"We've been using Cloud-TA for over 2 years. Our employees could check-in from remote sites by using the mobile app, Mobile-TA. We don't have to do anything when the employees change their working location..."

Ms.Chantana Sittichai
Human Capital Management Department, Singha Estate Public Company Limited

"Employees or Sales representatives who working on-site can easily clock-in by using the mobile app, Mobile-TA. Employees can also clock-in by scanning their fingerprint in any branch office...."


Some of our customers

Customers List

ASM Security Management Co., Ltd.

TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center)

TRC Motor Sport Co., Ltd.

Great Design and Print Co., Ltd.

Plus Professional Co., Ltd.

Rogers Bangkok Co., Ltd.

KDDI (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

One Bit Matter Co., Ltd.

Polyurethane Engineeing System Co., Ltd.

Visco Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Singha Estate Public Co., Ltd.

CDK Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

ZF (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Miyata Space and Craft (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Chinnapapat Co., Ltd.

Department of Industrial Promotion

CP Retailink Co., Ltd.

Washington Paragon Co., Ltd.

Contour Co., Ltd.

Successmore Being Co., Ltd.

Innovation Agency (NIA)

Optimum Group Co., Ltd.

Manheim Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

EMS Consultants Co., Ltd.

Ritta Co., Ltd.

Fruehauf Mahajak Co., Ltd.

G-Motif Production Co., Ltd.

Buzzebees Co., Ltd.

Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD)

IPA Holdings (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Barameezi Co., Ltd.

Office of Knowledge Management and Development (Public Organization) OKMD

Malai Restaurant Co., Ltd.

Enplas Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sirinakorn Co., Ltd.

Ogilvy & Mather Thailand Co. Ltd.

Thai Kyowa Kako Co., Ltd.

Nexus Property Marketing Co., Ltd.

OJIC Products Co., Ltd.

Siam M & B Publishing Co., Ltd.

Banthongyod Badminton School

Chugai Ro (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

ALPS Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Secco Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

Pens Marketing And Distribution Co., Ltd.

Dir4TV Co., Ltd.

Max Future Co., Ltd.

Success Square Co., Ltd.

Arun Wealth Co., Ltd.

OPS Oilfield Services  (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Matforcons Co., Ltd.

IA Group Co., Ltd.

Akara Oland (1996) Co., Ltd.

EDMA Maxcon Co., Ltd.

Sribunchai (1994) Co., Ltd.

Duang Tawan Petch Co., Ltd.

Season Paint Co.,Ltd.

APEX Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Cheetah Latex Co., Ltd.

Tailor On Ten Co., Ltd.

ROHM Semiconductor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

IDEA Living Co., Ltd.

Pattani Industry (1997) Co., Ltd.

Timpano Electrical Co., Ltd.

eTHo's Restaurant & Lounge

BT Midland Co., Ltd.

T.A.C. Consumer Co., Ltd.

Shinsei International Thailand Co., Ltd.

Thai Manly Co., Ltd.

Me Design and I Co., Ltd.

Mishima Foods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

MMN Syndicate Office Co., Ltd.

CNS Universal Co., Ltd.

Kudodio Co., Ltd.

P.M. Planer And Engineering Co., Ltd.

Micon Engineering Co., Ltd.

Elabram Systems Co., Ltd.

3BS Co., Ltd.

Dakashi Co., Ltd.

We Thai International Co., Ltd.

HR Shared Service Co., Ltd.

Element 6 Evolution Co., Ltd.

Inanos (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Abhaiphubet Chaopraya Hospital

Ifresh Solution (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Golden Works Thailand Co., Ltd.

Soft Ice Co., Ltd.

Bastiaan Co., Ltd.

Power Max Solution Co., Ltd.

ID Aluglass Co., Ltd.

Extreme Integration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Wanathip Property Co.,Ltd.

Spring News Corporation Co. Ltd.

Starmark Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Shoyuu Japanese Restaurant.

World Tool (Thailand) Co., LTD.


Aidol System Co., Ltd.


Benetone Films Co., Ltd.