Main Features of the system

    • Web-based application on the Cloud.
    • Access anywhere, any time with PC, Tablet or Smartphone.
    • No need to install software on server or computer.
    • No backup procedure is required.
    • No IT skill or IT staff is required. 
    • Control door lock (Access Control).
    • Easy installation.
    • Submit or approve leave request by using mobile app (Mobile-TA).
    • Employee self-service Web Portal
    • Support unlimited business units and layers.
    • Display in-out time in calendar format.
    • Working time summary report
    • Leave, vacation, overtime request workflow
    • Online approval by supervisors
    • Request and approval notification by E-mail or SMS
    • Export data to payroll system in Excel format
    • Display in-out time and status on digital signage (optional)
    • Multi-language support (Thai/English) 
    • Monthly or annually subscription basis. 
    • Email and telephone help desk support.


Increase team performance and reduce costs

Clocking in/out timestamp will be sent to server waiting for HR staffs to check and process working time summary report online. This will significantly reduce the time-consuming tasks. Fingerprint scanning prevent cheating in timestamping for other employees. 

Easy-to-use web and mobile application

It's very easy to install. Just simply connect the fingerprint reader to the internet through your existing local area network (LAN) or connect to ADSL Router directly. You can access to the web applications through any web browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on any device. You can also use our mobile application (Mobile-TA) on smartphone or tablet. Download it free from the Windows Store, Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can access to the information you need anywhere, anytime without having to worry about security because all data transfers are encrypted with SSL. 

Leveraging information across the organization

Managers can view clocking time of employees in their team in calendar format. The amount of late time and summary working time report are ready for executives to view in the form of graphs that can be easily understood by comparing the data by departments. Employees can also check their own history data such as total late time, overtime and remain leave quotat. HR staffs can search and select individual or group of employees to process summary reports with ease.

E-Mail and SMS Notification

Approve the leave request, overtime request, on-site working request and notify the results back to the requestor via E-Mail and/or SMS automatically.

Secured data storage and high availability system

Don't have to worry about the safety of the your data anymore. You don't even have to backup the data by yourself because all data is safely stored on the database in Microsoft SQL Azure in Microsoft's data centers with geo-redundancy which means your data is copied and stored in multiple locations. Our web applicaion is running on multiple virtual servers in high-availability mode. This can provide continuous service without downtime.

Cost saving, no hardware investment

No need to purchase a server to install a software. Just pay a monthly or annually subscription fee based on the number of employees in your organization. Our customer support team is standing by and will provide assistance and maintenance services at all times.

Sample Screens

Home Screen
Display In/Out time of current employee in calendar with used and remain leave quota.

Check Vacation Quota
Display used and remain leave quotas and late time of current month and year.

Check Working Time
Display daily working status in one month of all your team members in one screen.

Monthly Leave Chart
Display chart of total day of leave in each month or each department.


Clocking-In/Out by GPS
Submit In/Out time, location on map and selfy photo to the server.

Main Manu
Display all functions of mobile app.

On-Site Request
Submit on-site working request to your supervisor in just a few clicks.

Display your clocking in/out time history in calendar view.



PB7 Fingerprint & Card Reader
- 3,000 users, 60,000 transactions
- RFID Proximity Card (125kHz)
- 100 Mbps TCP/IP