How the system works

The clocking data of employees from Fingerprint & Proximity Card Reader and mobile application Mobile-TA will be transmitted to Cloud-TA servers and stored securely in Microsoft's datacenter (Microsoft Azure). Employees, managers and HR staffs can access to the clocking data and leave history of employees in the organization according to their permission through a web browser on PC, Tablet or Smart Phone (Android, iPad, iPhone) without the need to install any software.



Step by Step

  1. Employees scan their finger or ID card at the Fingerprint & Proximity Card Reader.
  2. In case of using as access control, the Fingerprint & Card Reader will send a signal to megnetic lock to open the door.
  3. The clocking data (In/Out Timestamp) and Employee ID will be transmitted through the Internet connection in real-time.
  4. The data will be securely stored in Microsoft SQL Azure database which provided separately for each company.
  5. In case Fingerprint Reader cannot connect to the Internet, access control function will be still active. The backlog data will be saved locally and transmitted to the server once the Internet connection is online.
  6. Each employee, manager, supervisor, HR staff and executive can login to the web portal to see clocking data, working time report, leave history, submit leave request or approve request according to their role and permission by using any web browser on PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. 



Software Live Demonstration VDO




Q: Do we have to prepare a server for software installation?

A: No server or software installation is required. We provide the web application that is running through the cloud. We are using Microsoft Azure for our infrastructure but you don't have to subscribe for Microsoft Azure separately. It is already included in your subscription.


Q: Is the Internet connection is required?

A: Yes. We need to connect the fingerprint reader to the Internet to send data to the servers in Microsoft data centers. In case you clocking in or out by using the mobile application (Mobile-TA), the smartphone must be connected to the Internet.


Q: Can we use this system in remote area without landline Internet connection?

A: If it is in the service area, you can use 3G/4G modem router to connect to the Internet.


Q: What if the Internet connection is temporarily offline?

A: You can use the fingerprint reader as usual, including door lock control. The log data will be stored locally in the fingerprint reader. Once the Internet connection come back to online, all stored data will be sent to the server immediately.


Q: What kind of device can I use to access the system?

A: You can use it either on a computer PC, Notebook or Tablet running any operating system. All through web browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox) on smart phones of all brands (iPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsPhone).


Q: Can it be used to control door lock?

A: Yes. It has Access Control feature. It can be used to control electric strike or magnetic lock, depending on the physical condition of the door.


Q: Can we use our old fingerprint reader with your system?

A: Sorry. You can not use your old fingerprint of other brand because it has to communicate with the our server in a specific protocol. 


Q: How long does it take before I can start using the system after I apply?

A: You can start using it within about one week after the application.